NOFIRNO: No More Leaking Cable Penetrations

//NOFIRNO: No More Leaking Cable Penetrations
Leaking through cable/pipe penetrations common problem in underground structures especially in places where ground water table is high, like here in Qatar. Almost all structures be it UTRs, Manholes, Buildings, Infra Offshore projects etc. are affected by it. Sealing of such penetrations requires specialized product. A rain often causes havoc from these penetrations if not sealed properly. #NOFIRNO DUCT SEALING SYSTEM provides a simple and effective solution for such situations.

What are the advantages of this sealing system?

  • Fire safe and watertight system.
  • Water tightness up to 3 bars.
  • Allows higher no of cables per transit.
  • Flexible system allows movement/vibration
  • Directions of cables/pipes etc. need not precise, can be inclined
  • Shape of transit need not be precise. can be round/rectangle/oval etc.
  • Large openings, roof openings, underground penetrations
  • Can be applied on existing leaking transits.
  • Compatible with metal, plastic, grp etc.
  • Effectively this make perfect anti flood system for all structures.

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